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    What's the WAITING LIST to get a tattoo?

    more or less two month for foreign people

    HOW MUCH does your tattoo cost?
    What is INCLUDED in the tattoo PRICE?
    WHERE do you work?
    Do you only work in your studio or TRAVEL ALSO?
    How do I set up a CONSULTATION?
    When will I be able to SEE the tattoo DESIGN?
    Will we be able to do EVERYTHING IN A DAY?
    How can I get an APPOINTMENT?
    Will you be the RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST for me? How can I choose the right tattoo artist?
    How should I PREPARE myself before an appointment?
    Do you work on SATURDAY?
    I would like to make a COVER UP, how do we proceed?
    Why should I put the SUN CREAM on my tattoo?!?

    Do you want to make a tattoo with me?

    but first, you would like to have all the information about your project?
    OF COURSE!!!

    you can fill out the questionnaire and I will give you all the information about it ^_^


    I am a serial storyteller, chasing lines and feelings for eternal moments

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